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I Got Tagged -- my favorites pieces of music

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 24, 2014, 8:58 PM

Yooooo, peeps! So I've been commenting on a couple of stuff very slowly here and there, but I haven't been much active. I'll have a couple of pieces uploaded soon, but in general, I've been pretty busy. I haven't been able to do much art at all X_X;; (Lookit dat almost year-long hiatus on my webcomic...)

Still, I just got tagged by both :iconogawaburukku: and :iconcybervideo: in a pretty fun meme! Basically, I have to choose my top ten favorite songs, BGMs, etc. I have too many faves that are ever-changing every week! But I whittled it down to ten that I think people should really know, and have their minds blown away as I did! Or goosebumps, y'know. Anything goes, haha. I also tried to just put ONE song by an artist, because otherwise I'd be here all day. But there was one technical exception. You'll see why below.

I tried to provide YouTube links, but if I couldn't, I provided a Grooveshark link instead! (You can listen to songs without necessarily having an account!)

Let me start off with the band that actually...kinda made me take music seriously, as something that can really evoke something in you. Beyond lip-synching to it :XD: glove is my all-time fave band in the universe, to the point where it physically hurts me that they haven't released anything new in a LONG time. Anything new and not weird. Not like their New Deal/maniac album, imo. (Plus, Tetsuya Komuro getting in federal trouble for tax evasion and backlog of alimony payments doesn't help...But he kinda brought it onto himself too, if I read the behind the scenes info right.) Like most people who are fans of Cyborg 009, I first heard their songs through the 2001 series. I wanted to hear more because it was--a life changing experience. Cue me binge buying cheap CDs and singles on eBay later and the rest is history XD

I struggled SO MUCH with choosing what song to put here, because I love almost every one of their songs. Even the bad ones, I can just sit there and just whatever, y'know? I almost went for "DON'T LOOK BACK" which is really great (especially the decade concert version) but I went for the one that apparently the rest of globe fandom hates: "TRY THIS SHOOT." The video is the shooting mix version, but there's not much difference. I just love how it builds up and then lets Keiko blow you over with her vocals for every chorus. It gives me goosebumps anytime I hear it; I usually listen to this when I'm writing action scenes or thinking about them. The lyrics are about a model shoot I believe, but if you didn't know the lyrics, you'd think it was some dramatic thriller movie about a crime gone hay-wire. Maybe that's just me. 8D;; I heartily recommend their Faces Places album, if you want to give them a listen. The best album imo.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not a fan of After Forever. I don't think they're bad, I don't think they're good, I just sorta like three to four songs? And two are covers they've done of QUEEN and Iron Maiden, so XD If it weren't for my queen the lovely Floor Jansen's vocals, I'd ignore AF. I could never get into their songs, I don't know. It might be that they used too many thrash guitars or something, ahahahaha. But this one is an original, "Cry with a Smile" and I posted it so you could see why I love Floor. She's actually who I have in mind anytime I draw or write Delilah of "Delilah and The Warchicks". She literally can sing in any range. She's just that good. <3 This one actually hit me hard a couple of months back, due to a small stress-related breakdown I had. It helped me get over that time a bit, so I have an additional soft spot for it.

Ah, Peter Schilling. He's a new addiction to my library of music, but not an unwelcome one. He's best known for his 80s hit, "Major Tom (Coming Home)", but he's done a couple of cool songs besides that. He's very well-known in Germany for more songs of course, and he did do a couple of songs both in German and English. "Major Tom" is in both languages as is his other song that I like, "Terra Titanic." (I recommend that one in German, as the English version is lackluster.) But I posted the one that just gives me FUEL/makes me feel nice and that is "The Different Story (World of Lust and Crime)." It's exclusively in English I think, but I just love the video. In fact, I'd posted it for the video only! It's just. You have to watch it. Personally. the dang thing makes me want a sequel or a proper movie for it! Peter Schilling also looks great here, haha.

One German after the another, this time it's German cover band Adoro. They're pretty similar to that Il Divo project, except that Adoro only covers German pop songs (that I know of, I haven't kept an eye on them in a while whoops), and they also rearrange the songs in a manner better befitting their style. It shows, especially with their take on Nena's original German piece "Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann" (known in the States as "Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime"). This wasn't the song that exposed me to them, but it was the one that made me a fan. It's the best cover song they've done, imo. Seriously, the notes they hit and the crescendo of the music! If it weren't for the fact that I have a heart made of stone, I'd bawl whenever they start singing "give me your hand." XD

If you don't like the most epic song of Sailor Moon ever, then we can't be friends.


I'm kidding :XD: No but seriously, everyone has their picks for best song ever in relation to SM and almost nobody mentions "Moon Revenge." Is it because it's closer to rock than most SM songs? Because it's from the first movie? Because it's too epic? I DON'T KNOW! I wish I knew! xD;; If I had to choose one SM to survive the apocalypse, it's this one. Nope, not even "Moonlight Densetsu." This song just has perfect harmony, perfect timing, everything :heart: THIS version however, is the Sailor Moon in Paris version, which is an album that NOBODY knows of! I have never, ever found on it on anyone's list of Sailor Moon music! (To my memory)

A shame because it's basically French infused with Japanese covers of the most famous SM songs. (Because y'know, Paris!) It's such a good album and worthy to be in anyone's collection. The music for this song is more romance-leaning and melancholic, a stark contrast to the original. Therefore, it gives it a definite, different air and I love it. <3

EPICA is a band that I will possibly put on anything and everything Ara & Celi related. Their lyrics are always based on religious and spiritual ideas, as well as based on concepts like metaphysics and other complicated fields with a dash of social commentary. You wouldn't expect a metal band to sing about such things (or maybe you do), but that's EPICA. Plus, great beats that match and a lovely singing voice from Simone Simons always make for good music. I especially recommend their "Design Your Universe" album. Trust me , it's really good. However, for this I chose a song, "Reverence -Living in the Heart-" from their newest album. (I'd chosen "Essence of Silence" but that's gotten more airplay already.) It's another cheat since it's new, but I feel this song shows the epicness and lyrical ideas that EPICA has. It feels like one of those last boss songs, or right at the climax of the movie. Plus, the song make you think, imo.

I deliberately chose this song for a reason, despite it not being one of Alphaville's best known songs I believe. You can find it only in a special collection the band released called "Dreamscapes".

Alphaville is the band responsible for "Forever Young" (the better, more heartwrenching version) but they've done so many other great songs. It's a pity they're only known stateside for their first album. Lyrically, they're almost like EPICA and Nightwish in that they both touch upon spiritual ideas and fantastical elements but I wager that they're more...poetry-inclined? I'm not sure how to explain it other than using the word "ethereal" but they are my second fave band because of it. But their music is mainly 80sesque, so it's a fun band to listen to too!

When I first heard "Elegy", it gave me goosebumps. If you read the lyrics, then you'll know why. They also did two remixes of it: one is called "Legend", which is more poppier and *slightly* upbeat, very similar to the rest of their output; another is "Elegy (Oscar Wilde Mix)", which sounds more orchestral? It's a good version, is all I can say. :D There is also ANOTHER version that the lead singer did for his solo first album, called "Sirens." That one definitely sounds ethereal. So yeah, this is a pretty important song for them, it seems!

I almost didn't post this one because Globus is...weird. They make GREAT epic music but their lyrics range from sometimes cool to WTF territory. Especially their nonsensical Latin. Don't even try to translate it -- the best you can do with them is find equivalents and even then you're not sure :XD: This song, "Europa", is a case of an EPIC song but its lyrics are 'ehhh.' Depending on your point of views, you might find it appropriate or insulting. It's basically an entire, super-condensed history of the bloodshed that the entire continent of Europe has gone through--with an added dose of current situations and some sort of plea for it all to end.

Sooooo, not exactly a love letter, methinks?

Honestly, I just listen to it and let the action scenes flow out of my mind. The backing chorus really lends it an air of "prayer", given the lyrics and it's really reminiscent of fantasy war movies! I recommend listening to their latest album, which has much more variety of songs like "Doomsday" and "Save Me."

I :heart: the movie Tenchi Muyo IN LOVE. It's one of my absolute faves and the OST for it certainly helped! Christopher Franke is better known to people as the guy behind the OST for Babylon 5 or as one of the members of Tangerine Dream but fans like myself probably knew first thanks to this soundtrack. If you heard of or love Vangelis, then Franke should attract you, given that they are colleagues of the same music genre. Franke's less inclined to the ambitious projects I think, but that doesn't lessen his music. This is my favorite track of the OST, titled "The Battle Against Kain." What's so cool about the music is that almost every track carries with it a recurring motif. If you're careful enough with every track, you can catch it. In my opinion, this is the track that combines all previous tracks + the motif, and decides to go all out. It's amazing and I urge to check either the soundtrack or the movie. Or both! In additional to more of Franke's work, of course ;D

Oh hai, technical exception! Nightwish is one of my favorite bands of all time. I can still remember being left sitting in shock in my room when a RANDOM PUERTO RICAN RADIO STATION played their songs "Wishmaster" and "Over the Hills and Far Away" at different times, on the same night. If you've lived in the country, you'd know at the time (because hey, might be different now but not likely) that metal was almost NEVER played on the radio. So when I first heard these songs, I was like "I gotta know more!" But the dang radio station never said the artist's name! >( It was a while and long Google searches before I knew who they were. From then on, it's been a journey. Their lyrics have inspired me so much in my work and the music has been breath-taking. They even did a movie! Score and everything! I recommend the score, since I haven't been able to watch the movie yet ;P

I'm the type of fan who didn't rage hard when Anette came on as the new singer, replacing the excellent Tarja Turunen, who's done decent work as a soloist. I mean, it was bad to the point where people physically shouted obscenities at her at concerts, simply because she replaced the "goddess." But I digress...I also struggled with the choice of fave song to put here, because now Anette's gone and my queen Floor Jansen is the new lead singer! Like holy socks, my wildest dreams come true! Floor has been doing such a great job with the catalog (not that Anette didn't!) I wanted to put "Storytime" because I loved her take on it, and she has such a fierce voice on it...but I opted to go for the obvious and post "Ghost Love Score" instead. It also happens to be one of Nightwish's signature songs, one that both Tarja and Anette sung beautifully. Tarja's was epic, Anette's was soothing, almost "giving up on life"-esque as per the lyrics. (Not sure how else to explain it.) Floor takes cues from both versions but ultimately returns the song back to epic, giving it a "strenghly" vibe and blows Tarja out of the water, in my biased opinion.

The technical exception was that this is Floor's second time on my list btw 8D;;

Because of the technical exception, I went ahead, cheated and added an extra, because why not? It's an artist whose recent work has made me feeling bleh, because the music she's singing is not my cup of tea. I think she either is reigning it in or has decided to follow the bandwagon that artists her age do, which is a shame. She should concentrate on her forte of romantic ballads and poppy/slight rock songs, if she's not being forced to sing her current repertoire. I think her voice still sounds amazing, even if people rag on her dramatic moves when she's live or because, I don't know, people hate her :| It's pretty silly, considering her talent but dem's the breaks. This is the first song from her I was exposed to years ago on the radio and it still is my absolute fave from her--yes, even beating out her Titanic song 8D So have Celine Dion's "To Love You More."

Since I have to tag peeps, I'll taaaaag :iconaeraellyth:, :iconaio-chan:, :iconzorilita: and uh, :iconcrimeroyale: Yeah, I tagged four instead of three :P But you don't have to do it if you don't want to, and anyone else can do it! Just "mention" me and I'll definitely check it out! I love learning about new songs/artists :D

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I, cover colorist for this Kickstarter

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 18, 2014, 12:38 PM

Heyo, peeps!

This is a fairly short journal to let you know that :iconcrimeroyale:'s Kickstarter for his webcomic Blue Blaster is happennnnnning!

This is the webcomic that I'm the cover colorist of, and you should really consider taking a gander at his KS for me ;D Besides neat goodies, there are a couple of tiers where you can get a commission -- one of them including said commission to be colored by me! (Or anyone else, like it stipulates but you know ;D)

Here's the colors I've done in case you guys didn't know:
  Blue Blaster Cover #10 by JadineR Blue Blaster cover #11 by JadineR Blue Blaster cover #12 by JadineR Blue Blaster cover #13 by JadineR Blue Blaster cover #14 by JadineR Blue Blaster cover #15 by JadineR

Here's the Kickstarter link!

On another note, I'm still selling copies of MY webcomic, Legendary Beings Ara & Celi! :D

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Thanks for the Fave on Cyperpunk Flowchart! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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You're welcome! Thank you for making it, hehehe :)
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Hello! o: : D
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Ahh, it's going fairly fine. Just busy trying to do art with picky computers, hehe. How about you? :3
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That Magic Knight Rayearth unplugged you posted on Tumblr is just amazing. O_O
JadineR Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
Isn't it?! :D It's one of my favorite acoustic/unplugged versions ever. (And I usually find those versions to not be very good, depending on the artist.) It's so much more powerful than the original! I found out about it a couple of years back and I posted it today because I've been delving into my love for Naomi Tamura's music again these days :XD:
cybervideo Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That's cool. And I agree that usually the unplugged version pales in comparison. I say the same thing about some remixes as some are even better than the originals.
JadineR Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
Yeah, exactly. Sometimes I end up listening to a remix first, then the original--which always makes me go 'why wasn't this the official version?!' Weird how music and tastes work, haha.
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