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I, cover colorist for this Kickstarter

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 18, 2014, 12:38 PM

Heyo, peeps!

This is a fairly short journal to let you know that :iconcrimeroyale:'s Kickstarter for his webcomic Blue Blaster is happennnnnning!

This is the webcomic that I'm the cover colorist of, and you should really consider taking a gander at his KS for me ;D Besides neat goodies, there are a couple of tiers where you can get a commission -- one of them including said commission to be colored by me! (Or anyone else, like it stipulates but you know ;D)

Here's the colors I've done in case you guys didn't know:
  Blue Blaster Cover #10 by JadineR Blue Blaster cover #11 by JadineR Blue Blaster cover #12 by JadineR Blue Blaster cover #13 by JadineR Blue Blaster cover #14 by JadineR Blue Blaster cover #15 by JadineR

Here's the Kickstarter link!

On another note, I'm still selling copies of MY webcomic, Legendary Beings Ara & Celi! :D

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Ara and Celi Chapter 1 for sale!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 12:59 PM

EDIT: Last chance to get your free ATC cards! After tomorrow, the offer will no longer be available! :meow: No longer available! Thanks to everyone who's ordered so far!

That's right, folks! Legendary Beings Ara & Celi: World 1 is finally ripe for the public pickin'! Yes, it's a considerable late entry after my promises, but hey! It's here! With lots of extra goodies!


Apathetic and stubborn, Miyara Hoshihana has better problems to worry about than angels and devils duking it for the usual prize: the world. Unfortunately for her, her wants are going to be overridden for the good of all -- whether she wants it or not. 


✫ The comic costs $3, not including shipping and handling. For S&H, you will need to provide your zip code for a better shipping price (since the costs go up and down depending on weight and/or location!). However the base S&H will be an additional $3. (Canadian costs will likely turn out higher.)

☽ There are delicious 32 pages in total, 29 consisting of comic goodness; some have been retouched in certain areas for better flow of a consistent art style, while other pages have been redone completely for the same purpose. Some tweaks to dialogue also abound, and two extra double-page spreads have been added! This chapter is not online (yet), at least not this version. It'll be a long while before it's posted, so this is your chance to start reading!

☼ You will get one free postcard with every purchase! The designs will be randomly selected by me from the pool I have. However, if there's a specific design you absolutely have wanted for ever and ever, then go ahead and let me know!

✫ Interested in reading the webcomic? Go ahead! Got any questions? Just comment below or send me a note! However in the event that you’re ready to order, just go here and fill out the handy dandy form!

Thanks so much! :heart:

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United States
I'm NAAN and I like languages and comics. :D

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I wonder why I would do that. 8D
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Ah saw your note. And Drive updates. Yes. *w* Will reply to everything ASAP!
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Wrong kind of "pom," yo! But the mental imagery is amusing.

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:P :lol:

Luckily. Have you ever fallen on your butt before? Eet ees not a good feeling :P

(Oh, and I figured out shipping. Hadn't texted you before because now my mother thinks I was texting someone SUSPICIOUS and she was about to take to invading my texts before I snatched and hid the phone from her :\ Despite me telling her you were a friend I've known for almost 8-9 years!)

(Either way, COMIC WILL SOON BE ON ITS WAY. Now just need the entire address 8D)
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Hey how do u get famous....Like ur art and etc
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I think we might have had this conversation before :XD: I'm not famous, not at all! And I wouldn't know how to. Lately it seems more like luck than anything...
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What! you get a lot of viewers,watchers and comments on DA~! 
Why did u chose to publish web comics then traditional route 
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