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Carroll Con Report!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 28, 2015, 6:28 PM

I need to upload a bunch of stuff I've worked on, oh lordy XD I've just finished sending off Legendary Beings Ara & Celi chapter 2 to the printers, so I'm both in that odd zone of "ZOMBIE ME DEAD WHAT WAS SLEEP" and "LET'S MAKE MORE COMICS!!!1" :XD: Which is also why I haven't gotten back to most people on DA messages...But I'll be doing that soon as well as uploading the pieces I've done lately. All in due course!

Still, here it is: the Carroll Con report, eons later! :D

Honestly it was a great con. I met neat-o people and had lots of fun. I almost wish they’d do it again next year! The people in charge outshone themselves for this con, which was sponsored by the Carroll Public Library and part of the CarrollFest the town held that weekend. So, lots of traffic!

Before I continue though, you should know that I went ahead and took the plunge in cosplaying Eternal Ara from my webcomic! :la: It felt so weird, but it was so much fun too! I felt so regal, hehehe. I even made her sword with my mother’s help. There’s some funny photos with it later below. ;P I won’t be posting a photo of me in the outfit, nope nope. My face is still remaining private. :P

Now since it was held at the Carroll Rec Center, the area for vendor tables --at least, where *I* was-- was spacious. We were all in a circle so people could look well enough, and we could walk out and in of tables easily too. The place was clean and nicely organized with signs and such! Despite having been a one-day con, I think this aspect lent it an air of a three-day con!

However, something weird happened to start the day off--all of us vendors were supposed to have had one table each. Yet when I arrived at the con, my name was stuck to a table...along with someone else’s. We two were the ONLY ones who were going to share a table, which really struck me as weird given the contracts saying the opposite. I was in a hurry to unpack and prepare my side, so I couldn’t feel anything other than a “shrug” and a hope for the best.

By the end of my ritual though, my table partner decided to move to another empty table. Someone ended up not coming at all, so I guess we both lucked out in that sense! I got the corner, which turned to be chilly. Good in this hot summer!

 photo table.jpg

I forgot to photograph my commission sign featuring Peaceful Maia I'll do that for Meta Con

I had semi-good sales here, mainly from my ACEO/ATC cards and some comic sales. I had my portfolio of cards but I ended up having people interested in buying from it. I was so lost and shocked even; I hadn’t planned nor did I had a sign noting they were for sale. But I was glad too, so off they went! I’m so sentimentally attached to my art, but at least they went to people who wanted them :D

Someone recommended me the idea of doing free sketches for kids, which wasn’t a bad thing to do...until I remembered that this state likes having five kids per family--I mean, uh, lots of kids coming to the convention XD I took photos of all the ones I did, but I’m not uploading them because I personalized all of them and I don’t feel comfortable posting them unless I have/had explicit permission.

I will be posting the cards and a sketch I did in :icongreenunicornart:’s con sketchbook. My first time doing that sort of thing, though I've heard of it before. It always looked like a fun activity to participate in, sort of one's own customized mini art book. I was so happy to be able to do one!!

Speaking of cool buddies, Dean was HILARIOUS. Well, all of the people I met at the con! They made it a super relaxed atmosphere, really helpful when things got busy in the room. Based on their business cards, I don’t think most of them have deviantART accounts, but you should totally check out:

Driftwood by Aaron
Studio Kaigi
Middle of Nowhere
Go! Fight! Pow! (a table top game)
and Green Unicorn Art, as said above!

And! Funny photos!

Dean posing as the ever classic Sailor Moon, hohohohoho!

This BOY. This little boy was adorable; he entered the room and immediately laid eyes on my sword, speed walked directly in a straight line, never taking his eyes off my sword until he reached my table. It was so obvious and amazing his desire that I pretty much was handing it to him when he arrived :awe: We were all in awe of his intense concentration! BEST MOMENT EVER!

What else?...Oh yeah! Remember my theory on my Ericon report about my “audience niche”? Yeah, by the end of the day, I was having chemistry class flashbacks because that theory went sideways XD Kids barely were interested (understandable) unless they liked something specific like cute ponies like my Kimberly ;D But I had teens, mainly girls, like my work a lot and some adult males as well! Most parents didn’t stay at my table much unless they were waiting for me to finish the free sketch for their children. XP I got the same comments more or less but at least people were impressed by my work! Such ego boosting did I receive, yes I did :flirty:

So yeah, now I’m just wondering if it’s a semi-regional/county thing. I would’ve guessed it too to be honest, based on past experiences but given that it’s Iowa, and I lived here long enough to know how the “flow” goes, I’d thought otherwise! I’m going to stay more alert for both Meta Con and Midwest Comic Con now, since that one is in a bigger area (near Des Moines, the capital) and thus, a larger audience! :D Maybe another theory will pop up, hahahaha!

Yeaaaahhh, that’s right! I’ll be at Midwest Comic Con too! I’m so excited for that one, since people I met at CarrollCon will be there too and Jim Steranko is coming as a guest...Sterankooooo. :woohoo:

Extra, of the auditorium stage where panels were held:

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