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Ericon 2015 review!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 5, 2015, 8:39 PM

Huzzah, at last here is my Ericon post! XD

So Ericon was on June 27th, and as with every con I go to, I’m writing up a review for it!

However, this review might be the shortest one yet since well, most of what I have is relatively short and good! Hurray! Then again, it was only one day within an allotted period of time. So not much to say as compared to cons of three- or four-day weekends!

My table setup! Lots of things to sell. I think this time I had it much better looking than usual, but still need to work on basic feng-shui.

Firstly, I’d like to say that this might be my first con where I made good sales! 8D I sold mostly postcards, which is always fine with me. But that’s nothing compared to the TONS of feedback I received from congoers in regards to my art portfolio. In fact–and this is kinda my “secondly” note– this con somewhat made me solidify some theories I’ve been having about my work and art as a whole, in terms of conventions. Breaking it down in a list (because I love lists too much):

  1. Almost always, my table attracts parents. Parents who are as equally open and supportive of their kids’ hobbies as mine are–and who happen to be geeks themselves. Different interests but geeks nonetheless. Almost every single parent who stopped by my table liked my work, looked at it in depth. For example, I had a lengthy conversation with a dad about art; he was a big fan of art, and talked about how my inks and colors looked really good. He liked especially some of the effects I was able to portray, particularly my Skuld I'm A Pop Star?! by JadineR and my colors for Blue Blaster #12 Blue Blaster cover #12 by JadineR He absolutely was in awe of how real the fire looked. (Which is what I wanted in the end and I happily said so :blush:) Then at some point I mentioned Elvis Presley and we started talking about his son’s and I’s equally good taste in old music starting from the 40’s/50’s :D And then it spiraled into old tv shows before his kids wanted to see the rest of the con XD
  2. Spin-off from number 1–a mother said thank you because all my female characters did not have big boobs XD
  3. I’m the type of person who believes that a work should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender or lack thereof. Even if the original work was made with a certain audience (say, like girls’ comics)–if someone enjoys it and they were not part of the intended audience, then that should actually reflect the “universality” of the work. It should be heralded as such. 
  • Having said that, at almost all the cons I’ve gone to, I’ve attracted female passersby mostly XD Kids once in a while, though the young boys at this con were distracted by shiny weapons at the table in front of me B) (I’d done the same if they had more swords…I like swords. :heart: ) But very few males, though many times it’s been the guys who’ve asked me a lot too. Well, both genders have asked me a lot in general which is always mind-bogglingly cool. Someone at this con had even read my webcomic beforehand! (;_______; )-b I can only hope my explanation about the general plot helped her though, it was such an unexpected question! Where was I? Oh yeah, the fact that despite not having set out to do so, I attract a mainly female audience! 
  • …I can believe that, really. Most of the stuff I had were adorned with colors or symbols that are usually feminine 8DDD Everything but my comics are with “girly” colors. I’d have to see how CarollCon and MetaCon go this year, but it’s been a thing that’s been kicking around in my head for some time now. The fact that I attract a, uh, niche audience? Is that the right word? Eh. Regardless, it’s not a bad thing to know! It might actually help in the future. I think. 

NOW as for the con in general: this con had lots of congoers, something which surprised every dealer I believe. We didn’t expect this many people, to the point where I think the library probably made a record, haha XD And that’s a good thing, because this con had excellent organization. The man behind it, Matt Mick, was really great in communication and he always passed by every table once in a while to see how we were doing, if we needed anything. That’s bonus points in my book. You could also see he was really excited about the con and hoping it would be fun, at the very least. Apparently all the public libraries in the US had as a theme “superheroes”, which is why a couple of libraries are doing free conventions! So yeah, I think in this case it was a success!


An extra: the library was holding a tournament bracket of heroes. I took photos of past and current fighters:

“Sailor Moon…*passes photo back to her* Your eyes were too big for us and your hair did not flow amazingly. You did not pass.”

“Goku, you leveled up too slowly. You also do not pass.”

Hermione beating out for the win.

That’s all she wrote, folks!

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United States
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Thanks again for all your wonderful work on this project!
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