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Ericon Sketches by JadineR Ericon Sketches by JadineR
I'm a zillion years late in posting this but better late than never! :D Right? Right? Bueller? I still need to do the CarrollCon write-up R.I.P me.

So last month Ericon happened and among many good things, I met Thom Hotka :iconnyquildreamer: ! He does the sci-fi adventure* Nextuus and is also a coolio comicker :D I bought his stuff and swag, he bought mine--and as I've recently started to offer at conventions only, people get a free sketch whenever they buy one of my comics. He bought three, so three sketches he got! :D One of these I ended up finishing at home two days after but overall I think they turned out great.

I did these on the same type of tiles as I drew Skuld I'm A Pop Star?! by JadineR Still need to get better at drawing non-female characters. (๑و•̀ω•́)و

From left to right: One-15, Hooded Man and Randall Lockheed.

Nextuus et. al (c) Thom Hotka/Trey Petersen 
Art (c) :iconjadiner:

*Apologies for possible erroneous genre designation. It's still very good. <3

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NyQuilDreamer Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015
Have I mentioned yet that I love these? I love these. 'specially that CROSS-HATCHING! WHOO!

You and I have opposite issues-- I need to get better at drawing non-male characters! We should do an art trade sometime, one of my dudes for one of your ladies.
JadineR Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015

Aww, thank you, haha. I've been trying out cross-hatching in my sketches for a while, just to have some semblance of shadows :D

WE SHOULD. Though I think your girls look fine! I know in the Nextuus book you said you had trouble drawing them, but I thought that Elle looked fine :aww: She looked "realer" at least, hehe. Either way, LET US PRACTICE WITH OUR VICTIMS OCS SOMEDAY.
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August 16, 2015
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